Trademark Registration

A trademark is a recognizable sign, design, expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others. Trademark is another way of referring to brands.

Benefits of trademark

Legal Security:

  1. No one is allowed to use the registered trademark without prior permission of owner. Owner has the right to take legal action for using the registered trademark or any trademark closely resembling the owner’s trademark.
  2. Protection for 10 years at low cost. After 10 years, the owner just has to pay renewal costs and maintenance costs.
  3. Cost efficient and helps your company create an unique image

Unique Identity:

  1. It makes your product and identity of products different from that of the existing and foreseen competitors.
  2. Logo can communicate your vision, quality or unique characteristic of your company and any organisation.

Trust or Goodwill:

  1. Established quality of your product and services is known by everyone through the trademark
  2. Establishes trust and goodwill among the customers in the market.
  3. Helps in creating permanent customers who are loyal and always opt for the same brand

Creation of Asset

  1. Creation of intellectual Property for an organisation
  2. Registered trademark is a right created which can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted.

Global Trademark Registration

To register the trademark outside India, the trademark registered in India can be used as the basis of registration there. To expand the business at global level, trademark registered in India can provide a good base along with the Established Goodwill in the Country.

Types of Trademark

Word Mark:

  1. The most common type of trademark which helps in simplicity of trademark.
  2. Distinct text- Only typographic treatment of the name used for purposes of identification and branding
  3. Visual symbol of product or organisation of product.

Figurative marks/logos:

  1. FIGURATIVE trademark protects the word (words) in the scope of graphic design.
  2. The emphasis is put on the visual part of a trademark.


  1. Colour can be used to perform the trademarks function of uniquely identifying the commercial origin of products or services

Three Dimensional Trademarks:

  1. A sign capable of being represented graphically and of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings.
  2. Protects the shape of products and facilitates their distinction in the market from others created by the competition.
  3. Consumers can have a greater capacity to recognize a product from a particular brand and distinguish it with a naked eye from those of other brands.

Sound trademarks:

  1. Trademark of audio branding, music branding, sonic branding.
  2. Sound that can be associated with a product or service originating from a certain supplier
  3. Sound logos are called audio mnemonics and are  most likely to appear at the beginning or end of a commercial

Collective mark:

  1. To identify themselves with a level of quality or accuracy, geographical origin, or other characteristics set by the organization.
  2. Used to inform the public about certain distinguished features of a product or service used to represent a collective
  3. A commonly known collective mark in India is the Chartered Accountant designation.

Certification Mark:

  1. Used to show consumers that particular goods and/or services, or their providers, have met certain standards.
  2. Certification mark is a sign that denotes a products origin, indoor trampoline parks, material, quality or other specific details which are issued by the proprietor.
  3. Purpose of the certification mark is to bring out the standard of the product and guarantee the product to the customers.
  4. A certification mark can also be used to uplift the product’s standard amongst the customers
  5. Certification marks are usually seen on packed foods, toys and electronics


  1. Possibility of forbidding the competitors using identical or similar name to protected word trademark
  2. Protection for trademark enables you to file a successful complaint.
  3. Trademark registration process in India has been simplified by the Government and Entrepreneurs can now easily obtain trademark registration for their brands.

Documents for Trademark Registration:

Documents(Common for all legal constitution):

  1. Copy of the logo (Optional)
  2. Signed Form-48
  3. Identity Proof (Depending upon Legal constitution):
  4. In case of Proprietorship: of Proprietor
  5. In case of Partnership:
  6. Partnership Deed
  7. Identity Proof of Signatory
  8. Address Proof of Signatory.
  9. In case of Company:
  10. Incorporation certificate
  11. Identity Proof of Signatory
  12. Address Proof of Signatory.



What happens in a limited liability partnership is that the liability is limited to shares similar to that of corporate shareholders. But unlike the case that is with corporate shareholders, the partners in LLP can manage the business directly.

Import Export Code (IEC Code)

n this age of fierce competition, everyone wants to expand their business from domestic market to international market. Enterprises can enter in global market either with existing product or new product. ” However before going global, you need to follow several procedures and laws place and get different registration and license. IEC (Import Export Code) license is one of such prerequisite when you’re thinking of importing or exporting from India.

Private Limited Company

A minimum of one and a maximum of two proposed names must be submitted for RUN (Reserve Unique Name)to the MCA. Subject to availability, naming guidelines and MCA processing time, Name Approval can be obtained in 2 to 3 business days.

MSME Registration

In a developing country like India, MSME industries are the backbone of the economy. The MSME sector contributes to 45% of India’s Total Industrial Employment, 50% of India’s Total Exports and 95% of all industrial units of the country and more than 6000 types of products are manufactured in these industries

One Person Company

After verification, your DSC in USB token will be available with SDM Associates which will be dispatched through courier at your address which may take 2-3 days to reach your address.

Name Change

Change in name of company may either be compulsion through law or voluntarily by company.